Park Passes

  • Day Camp Passes

    Camp just for the day at Jellystone Park™! Enjoy access to the Water Zone with interactive water playground, swimming pool, mini golf, jump pad, swimming and fishing at the lake, themed activities, and sports courts like volleyball and tennis.

    Day Camp Passes are subject to availability, so please fill out this form to request passes for a day of fun!

    *Not available on holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July). Passes are available on Saturdays but have limited availability. Cannot be purchased with a Jellystone Park™ gift card.

  • Visitor Passes

    Jellystone Park™ welcomes visitors! If you would like to visit someone staying at the park we have visitor passes available for a fee.

    Visitor Rates apply to the following:

    • Extra persons not included in cabin or campsite rates
    • Guests visiting someone staying at the park

    Visitors and extra persons are only required to pay fees for a maximum of 3 nights. Staying for more than 3 nights? Only pay for the first 3 and stay free nights 4-7!

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