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Everything You Need to Know About our Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster

Our Camp-Resort is uniquely located right in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which creates a camping experience like no other. You can enjoy the views on our hiking trails, rent one of our luxury cabin rentals, take in the sites at our observation deck, and more. To make things even better, you can choose an adventure by going for a ride on our Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster! Keep reading to lear more about one of the best mountain coasters in North Carolina!

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What is an Alpine Coaster?

Beginning in 1996, alpine coasters first began in Austria as a way for tourists to experience the scenery in an exciting new way. Since then, these coasters have evolved from a wooden rickety structure to a sleek, smooth ride such as our very own Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster. 

Unlike traditional roller coasters, alpine coasters have manual brakes that allow riders to control their speed, which means that riders have the ability to choose their own adventure. If you want to learn more and experience this for yourself, then be sure to make your way to our mountain coaster in North Carolina!

 Enjoy our Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster!

Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster

Located within Jellystone Park™ Golden Valley in Bostic, NC, our alpine coaster is sure to provide up to 6 minutes of thrilling adventure as you zip through the pines and climb through the hills at speeds up to 27 mph! With the comfort of our gravity propelled sleds and manual brakes, riders can either choose a fast-paced adventure or they can take in the mountainous scenery at a slower pace. 

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Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster FAQ’s

Still looking for more information? We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions and answers so that you can be prepared for your trip to our Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster!

What is the cost?

$20 for single rider, $35 for tandem riders. Please contact the park for group pricing.

Is it safe?

YES! Belt systems ensure drivers and passengers are held securely in their seats. Manual brakes allow riders to adjust the speed to what makes them the most comfortable. Each sled is fitted with a centrifugal brake, or a brake that limits maximum speed, ensuring maximum safety for occupants, even when the manual brake is not used. Riders should follow all rules and regulations. 

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes! Prior to riding, we want to ensure that all guests understand the rules for riding our Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster. A parent or legal guardian must sign for riders under the age of 18.

How many riders are allowed on one sled?

A maximum of two riders are allowed per sled.

What are the age and height requirements?

Drivers must be 9 years or older and a minimum of 54" tall to drive or ride alone. Drivers must be 16 years or older to drive with an accompanying passenger. Passengers must be at 3 years or older and a minimum of 38" to ride. Riders must be accompanied by a drive of 16 years or older.

Are there weight restrictions?

The total weight of the sled occupants must not exceed 350 lbs during dry conditions, or 300 lbs during wet conditions.

Do I need to be a guest at Jellystone Park™ Golden Valley to ride?

You do not need to be a guest at our Camp-Resort to enjoy our Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster!


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How to Book

Getting excited to ride? We advise that riders should book ahead online. Simply choose which date and time you wish to ride the coaster, pick how many riders, and book! This ensures that you will have a slot available to you prior to your arrival at our Camp-Resort. Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot ensure a time slot will be immediately available to you.

We sure do hope that this gets you excited for your next North Carolina Mountain Coaster adventure! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our on-site team at (828) 417-0086. See you on the Blue Ridge Mountain Coaster soon!