When traveling, it’s easy to stop at gas stations and quick-stops off the highway, because they’re the most convenient. But, if you’re looking to really discover the area you’re traveling in, an insider’s guide is a go-to resource. From the best eats, to historic landmarks off the beaten path, there’s so much to discover in North Carolina. Whether you’re traveling to or from Jellystone Park™ in Bostic, North Carolina, or just want to take a day trip, we have some “must visit” spots for you! Check out our top 5 insider recommendations below and get ready to discover North Carolina!


Whether you’re an avid rock climber or just want to take in some spectacular scenery, the Linville Gorge offers both and more! One of the top climbing destinations in the Southeast, Linville Gorge features a wide selection of routes ranging from beginner-friendly, to strenuous climbs. Not a climber? The views and hiking are just as great! Often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East”, a trip to Linville Gorge surly shouldn’t be missed.


Established in 1831, Washburn’s General Store (16 mins from Jellystone Park™) is a five-generation family business and a unique last stop before you arrive at Jellystone Park™! Named a historic building, the store is a testament to American history. Enjoy a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, and have a pleasant chat with the proprietor. You can cozy up with a North Carolina local and rock away your worries in a locally-made rocking chair.


Take a day trip to NoDa, Charlotte (1 hr, 20 mins from Jellystone Park™) for an afternoon filled with unique shopping, dining, and entertainment. NoDa (short for North Division) is Charlotte’s historic arts and entertainment district and is filled with the people that are as diverse as the art, live music, craft beers, restaurants, custom gifts, and tattoos.


From country to garage rock and everything in between, The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC (1hr from Jellystone Park™) is the perfect spot to catch some live music. Located in downtown Asheville, The Orange Peel was recognized as one of the best music venues in the nation in the first three years it was open. The intimate and historic (built in the 195o’s) venue offers a truly unique live music experience. Have the kids with you? They offer a fun dance party during the winter called Kid Hop Hooray! Wintertime Indoor Dance Party. Time to get your groove on!


There’s so much more to discover in North Carolina, you’ll never want to leave! Start planning your vacation today to Jellystone Park™ for a trip of a lifetime!