Still on the fence about what your Halloween plans will look like this year? You’re in luck! We are here to tell you all of the amazing benefits you receive when you book a Halloween getaway with us instead of celebrating just once at home! Read below to learn 6 reasons why you should stay with us during one of our 6 Halloween Weekends!

Safety & Accessibility

When trick-or-treating in a city neighborhood, it can be a hassle to avoid car traffic in the street. Thankfully, our camp-resort offers a safe location with a community of families, all looking to experience a great fall vacation. No worries = more fun!

Higher Participation

We all know that the best part about Halloween is trick-or-treating! With this being said, nothing’s worse than seeing a house with their porch lights off. At Jellystone Park™, there’s no need to worry about this – our campers are here for one reason: to celebrate Halloween – camping style! Don’t forget to pack plenty of candy for all of our campers to enjoy!

Fun Prizes

Compete in this year’s costume contest for an opportunity to win fun prizes! Whether you’re 5 or 35 years old, choose a spooky or funny costume, there a different category for all! Don’t forget to bring creepy crawly decorations for your site to show everyone your Halloween spirit! This fall is going to be spook-tacular!

Weekend Celebration

This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday (yuck!). Instead of worrying about a late night before a school day, take part in our weekend-long celebration at Jellystone Park™! From spooky thrills to classic pumpkin decorating, you’ll have a blast celebrating Halloween all weekend! Both the parents and kids will be happy with this decision!

Make New Friends

Instead of trick-or-treating around your neighborhood with the same people year after year, you can make new friends while camping at Jellystone Park™! Whether you meet a new friend while walking in the costume parade or a friendly neighbor by your cabin/campsite, you’re sure to make memories and new friends this Halloween!

Double the Trick-or-Treating

Perhaps the best part about Halloween at Jellystone Park™ is the fact that you can celebrate Halloween in your neighborhood, too! Our 6 Halloween Weekends all take place before Halloween (September 20 – October 27), so you can get your spook on two times instead of one!

What are you waiting for? Start making memories this fall and booOOOoook your Halloween vacation at Jellystone Park™ in Golden Valley, North Carolina before they’re gone!

*Since this is our first full fall packed with tons of brand new Halloween activities, some photos included here are shared from our sister campgrounds. Want your Halloween photo from your vacation to Jellystone Park™ Golden Valley to be featured? Tag us on Instagram with @jellystonegoldenvalley or share it with us on Facebook!